Art is a process and a journey. In order to progress you need to push past all the voices in your head that tell you how much you suck.

Eric Fischl, b. 1948 American painter, sculptor, printmaker, draughtsman and educator.

I am always doing the things I can’t do, that’s how I get to do them

Pablo Picasso

Be yourself, everyone else is taken

Oscar Wilde

I think this is the greatest message of his work: that on some level, the world doesn’t deliver itself to you, it doesn’t pre-exist. You make sense of it. You make your world.

Mitchell Johnson, artist commenting on Richard Diebenkorn, American painter (1922-1993) Quoted by John Seed, The Huffington Post, 24 September 2013

Art is there to liberate us from the tyranny of our culture.

Lionel Trilling, American literary critic (1905-1975) Quoted by Marlene Dumas in ‘Sweet Nothings’.